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Five Tips On What To Wear To Work in the Summer

Okay, the summer is halfway over. Have you figured out what is appropriate to wear around the office on these hot, sticky days? Here are some tips:

1. Tank tops? No!
Wearing less is tempting on hot days. Don’t go there! For the women, tank tops, spaghetti straps, and strapless dresses are only okay when covered with a blazer or cardigan, which defeats the purpose. Better idea: leave them home. For the men, tank tops and muscle shirts are definitely out and even short-sleeve dress shirts are not recommended.

2. Flip Flops Are for the Beach
What you wear on your feet is important no matter what the season. In summer, that means no flip-flops, boat shoes, or sneakers. Go for smart, comfortable, closed-toe shoes or dressy sandals and you will present a professional appearance.

3. Legs in Moderation
Women: be careful that your dresses or skirts are not too short. Since pantyhose and tights are not worn as much in summer, watch how much leg you show! Both men and women should know that shorts are never acceptable. Save the shorts and short skirts for the weekend.

4. Keep it Covered and Classy
For the women, no plunging necklines or bare midriffs. Avoid displaying trashy jewelry, piercings, and body art. You want to be recognized for your contributions, not become a distraction. Avoid at all costs!

5. Never Too Casual
Jeans and leggings are comfortable and easy to incorporate into your summer outfits. But be careful of dressing too casual by wearing them every day. Better to save them for casual Fridays and stay professional Monday-Thursday.

To be respected in your field, a professional attitude and appearance play a huge part. During the warm summer days, it is very tempting to let your guard down and wear what’s comfortable and cool, but it’s important to recognize limitations.

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